Natural Mood Boosters: Provided by Mother Nature Specially for You

Essentially the mood can be defined as a state of mind or a feeling. Some time or other we experience low moods, this is a normal part of the human condition. The best part is that our moods are not static in nature; they are affected by many factors surrounding us in our daily life like diet, environmental and biological influences and our very own lifestyle. Mother Nature has already provided with many natural mood boosters, ready for use by us. Only thing is that we do not pay sufficient attention towards these items and instead we run for the solution in different places.

The most effective natural mood boosting foods are oily fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, trout and tuna. Beside that purified fish oil supplements made from these fish are also considered as the best available natural mood boosters. Studies have already demonstrated the mood enhancing effect of fish oil. Oily fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, including EPA, which is essential for optimum brain function on a daily basis and our body is unable to produce EPA, therefore we have to source it from the diet. In the present atmospheric condition presence of toxins made the fish almost inconsumable but purified fish oil supplements are an excellent way to get your daily dose of EPA and improve your mood.

Another effective and natural way to naturally boost your mood is to increase the amount of physical activity you do as it releases feel good chemicals in your brain and reduces stress. Even taking a short daily walk in the countryside can increase feelings of well being and lift the spirits to a great height.

Vitamin B supplements can help you to ward off the depression and improve your mood and health in general.  Vitamin B gets destroyed by alcohol, tea, coffee and nicotine. The B vitamins can be found in dark leafy green vegetables, beans and peas as well as grains like oats and wheat that can be taken as food and the side effect they produce is the mood boosting. Likewise sunlight also plays major role as natural mood booster. Adequate dose of sunlight is quite essential for sound mental health as sunlight increases serotonin levels. Trying to get around 30 minutes outside in the sun each morning can make all the difference to your mood.

Caffeine gives us a boost and it is available most commonly in the coffee and tea. It is considered as a stimulant and works quite nicely as a mood booster. However, too much caffeine is not good for our health. If you want to have tea or coffee then try to limit it to one cup on daily basis. Like tea and coffee chocolate also contains many chemicals that helps mood boosting, the chemicals in chocolate help to sustain the levels of mood boosting chemicals in the brain for longer periods of time. However, the down side to eating chocolate is weight gain and therefore an increased risk of heart disease and other health problems.



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