Healthy Mood Boosters for You

Mood is better known as the psychological state of mind and any adverse change in the mood makes a direct impact on the personality of the individual. As far as the chemical mood boosters are concerned most of them do have a side effect that presents threat to the health of the individual using them. The potent remedy to this problem is the use of natural products as healthy mood boosters for you. The natural products provided to us by the Mother Nature do not offer any side effect but they act as potent health stimulators also. Sample this, “A recent study endorses freshly baked garlic bread: Family members felt so much more content when the aroma of garlic bread was in the room, they made 23 percent fewer negative comments at the dinner table.” Health aspect of garlic is that it works to make your heart healthy.

Likewise eating chocolate acts as a mood booster for some people as the chocolate contains phenylethylamine considered as a mood booster according to many of the researchers and it does stimulates the production of serotonin, a natural antidepressant by the brain. Another powerful and healthy mood booster is music. The music when played always spreads mood boosting effects beside that music is found to be having properties influencing health of the individual. Next that works quite well as a natural health and mood booster is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is supposed to greatly influence the production of serotonin, a powerful mood booster chemical produced by the human brain. As you know Vitamin D is produced by the human skin in the presence of sunlight. Hence taking a stroll in the morning sun acts as a potent mood booster for many of the people and beside that morning walk has got its own positive side effects.

Massage is also considered as a very powerful tool to relax your body out of stress thus boosting your mood and providing you soothing effects side by side. This happens because of the massage lowers the levels of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone. Like the massage a good and sound sleep also plays vital role in the mood boosting phenomenon. When you sleep your brain actively works to rebuild the exhausted stock of the mood boosting hormones and when you get up after getting a sound sleep your mood automatically refreshes. If you can’t get a proper sleep then it causes bad mood most of the time. Beside that a sound sleep plays a vital role for your health also.

Beside these factors your food also plays a powerful part in the mood changes many of the food products like the proteins and green leafy vegetables are considered as powerful mood boosters and the food items like the carbohydrates are considers as the mood depressors according to many researchers. Minerals like the calcium and selenium also act as the mood boosters in many of the cases. As far as the health properties of these products are well established by the researches

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