Foods for a Better Mood or really Bad One

Many times you may feel particularly sluggish, despite having gone through a full night of restful sleep. Many of the times you find yourself cranky and irritable, perhaps a bit stressed. But you never had the faintest idea of the actual reason behind it nor did you ever try to look at what you’ve eaten last night. Beware; many foods can have beneficial or adverse reactions to your overall mood so always exercise caution. It can be really helpful to know about the foods in particular that help to increase your daily energy and mental alertness and what foods that should be avoided in order to avoid for getting into a bad mood.

It is quite essential to start your day with a breakfast rich with protein. Having a protein rich breakfast will helps to aid a quicker metabolism activity during the day time, simultaneously aiding in dieting and weight-loss. Always remember eating protein rich foods will also be beneficial to your mood, because different amino acids that form the architecture of protein also helps to increase the body’s energy and increase the alertness level of mind. Protein rich food sources include meats, fish, eggs, cheese, poultry and nuts etc. Eggs are considered as protein rich, they are also beneficial in regards to mood boosting, also aiding us in improved memory and increased concentration. The presence of choline, an active nutrient of eggs is responsible for that.

In the contrast the carbohydrate rich food can also increase the energy level for a short period of time, but simultaneously carbohydrates serve to clear the body of amino acids while also causing our body to release insulin. While carbohydrate rich food can help you to reduce the stress, but at the same time it also withdraws the beneficial mood effects of protein rich foods, therefore it is quite essential to keep in mind the negative effects of the carbohydrates and to be careful for not combining the two types of food, if possible.

Sometime you find yourself susceptible to bad mood and quirkiness and it may be due to Selenium deficiency in your body. Selenium is often present in certain meats, fish and nuts like tuna, swordfish or Brazil nuts; it usually available in a large variety of plant foods. People who are lacking selenium in their diet can find themselves suffering from bad moods. Consuming foods with selenium can help you to return your body to a proper balance. Folic acid is also very effective mood booster and the foods that contain this ever-important mood booster are leafy green vegetables like spinach, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, and poultry, to name a few. Folic acid is a component of the vitamin B group, and its deficiency can cause serotonin levels to increase, which may cause the mood disorders.

Beside these there are many food products available for us that has been provided to us by Mother Nature and if you are really interested about them you can search for them online or in a well equipped library. 

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